Random Thought Apr 2013
Random Thought
Apr 2013

SUMMARY: How Burberry leveraged Social media I Are Longer Emails Better? I Himmatwala

While we are at it, a couple of relevant articles...


* How Burberry leveraged Social media. This case study looks at how the British luxury brand capitalised on the new medium.

It dissects the fine line adopted in appealing to Burberry's high-end customer base and also generating interest in the new youthful, aspirational future customer. Credits: Business Today/ London Business School

* Are Longer Emails Better? The right mix of design elements, images and white spaces can make a long email effective and attractive.

Apart from visual appeal, a long email helps you tell a story. And people like stories! Credits: AWeber

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On Himmatwala

* Twitter Tattle: By casting Ajay Devgan and Tamannaah, Sajid Khan just made a black and white remake of a color movie.
- Satadal (@subah_ka_bhula)

* Lashkar-e-Sajid owns up responsibility for Himmatwala.

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