Random Thought Jan 2013
Random Thought
Jan 2013

SUMMARY: Email at the Intersection of Social Media, Smart phone usage & Content I A Violinist in the Metro

Here's a quick post for the month... and wishing you a blessed new year ahead.


SPOTLIGHT: Email at the Intersection of Social Media, Smart phone usage & Content.

Here are three curated articles on the topic:

* Demystifying Social media. Few companies have a deep understanding of exactly how social media interacts with consumers to expand product and brand recognition, drive sales & profitability. Credits: McKinsey Quarterly

* Four out of 10 e-mails are now read on a mobile device. Email marketing on mobiles is radically different than doing it on PCs. Touchscreen format, larger target audience, & content brevity. Credits: George LaRochelle, Carnegie

* 5 Content Marketing Resolutions for 2013. Make your content real. Bring it down to earth. Make it relatable & applicable. That translates to authenticity. Credits: Jonathan Crowe, OpenView

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On the Contrary
A Violinist in the Metro

An old tale, but absolutely relevant. Washington Post's social experiment about perception, taste and people's priorities.

It won journalist Gene Weingarten the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing

Credits: About.com

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