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October 2013
WHAT WE ARE: A demand generation firm with a knack of combining technology and value-based content to identify, nurture and shepherd the most optimal leads into your demand funnel. And speed your revenue growth.


Who says only filmstars can get away with self love? Your firm can do it too, abundantly. And be welcomed for it.

Case in point. Our client - an ecommerce solutions boutique leverages the monthly newsletter as a vehicle for soft branding and lead generation.

We conducted a click stream analysis of the 13 monthly newsletters (so far), of which five revealed a curiously disproportionate click pattern, as below.

It turns out - quite serendipitously - the lead stories that spoke highly of the firm's capabilities, grabbed a high number (average of 23%) of the total clicks in the five issues featured above.

Even we were astounded by the 68% click thru rate on the toys portal. Presumably, there are a lot of guilt-ridden young parents out there!

Rest of the seven issues (carrying informative, but peripheral content) had a fairly uniform spread of clicks.

Bottomline: Let's get straight to the point. It pays to blow your own trumpet. But doing it elegantly is an art.

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In the next issue, I shall discuss the science of placing Call-to-Action (CTA) levers in an online document.

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