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April 2014

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WHAT WE ARE: A demand generation firm with a knack of combining technology and value-based content to identify, nurture and shepherd the most optimal leads into your demand funnel. And speed your revenue growth.
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Democracy, as the saying goes, is about finding proximate solutions to insoluble problems.

Replace 'democracy' with 'marketing', and the essence is no different. The parallels are uncanny. Like slicing and dicing the constituency, segmentation, unambiguous messaging etc. Except caste, thankfully.

Anyway, coming to the point. One of our clients, a boutique consultancy had scheduled a three-day workshop at Mumbai on mobile payment trends and technologies, helmed by an acknowledged guru of the mobile space.

Our task: Evangelise the workshop's value to the client's database (14,000+), generate demand and convert at least fifty of them into paying candidates.

How we did it: Knowledgeworkz steered a marketing automation strategy, spanning Email, Social and the Web, integrated with compelling content and persuasive call-to-action levers.

The components were straighforward: Reach out, identify prospects, measure engagement, score their inclination to invest time & money, nurture and eventually get them to sign up.

The challenge was in maximizing response and yield beyond conventionally accepted metrics.
This called for exploring innovative means to cross-pollinate and amplify the message through multiple online channels. It worked, beautifully.

Bottomline: A remarkable 6% of the qualified leads signed up for the workshop, far exceeding client projections.

The case study below elaborates on how the triangulated online plan delivered numbers. Don't miss; it won't take more than two minutes.

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