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Experience-based Content Marketing

April 2016

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~ Airtel girl, Storytelling & the Wisdom-based Economy ~

Simple stories, well told -- Airtelís ads on their 4G coverage in remote areas. They get the point across. The reality is albeit different, but as an ad, it works.

ĎExperience-basedí storytelling is often missing in the websites of consulting and services firms. They go on and on about their capabilities, but lack in application level content.

Knowing is one thing. Knowing what you do with what you know is another. Itís an old chestnut. The knowledge-based economy is passť.

Case studies
The real meat is in well-done case studies and promoting them aggressively through succinct newsletters and social media updates. It is the most effective form of communicating thought leadership. The target audience gets the message quickly.

Knowledge Bank
In the larger context, it helps to build a bank of the firmís knowledge and expertise in the form of case studies, white papers, presentations, use cases, research reports, podcasts, infographics, etc. and deploy them through response-specific mailers. The knowledge assets create differentiation, present a distinctive voice, and enable strategic focus. They build rapport with existing customers and draw in new ones.

Buyer journey
Importantly, by tracking reader behavior at different interaction points over a period of time, and in parallel with other online media (website, social) you can connect the dots and precisely measure the prospectís intent to engage with your products and services.

As many of our clients know, thought leadership and a pragmatic intellectual stance, pays.

How effective is your firm's content marketing personality? Find out.


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