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February 2015

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Showmanship, mythmaking, glorification etc., all work very well. Only when the recipients willingly suspend belief. It's about faith and all that.

But this doesn't even vaguely apply to the knowledge industry. It's a 'thinking entity' that is objective, rigorous, skeptical and demands pure evidence.

Building a personal brand in this zone calls for a
sustained dialogue with the target audience. A mutually enriching and authentic conversation that responds to audience personas, pain points and expectations.

This point was reiterated when we undertook the website revamp of a reputed strategy consultant and academician.

A question of balance
Arriving at the precise conceptual arc was the first challenge. We had to ensure that, in course of communicating the client’s authoritative perspective of his subject, we did not fall into the trap of egotism. It was a real and looming danger.

Cracking the code
We adapted Jennifer Aaker’s brand personality construct (Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication and Ruggedness) to define the building blocks of the proposed website and merged them into a seamless and compelling online story.

Defining aspects
  • Showcasing the client's Intellectual Property built through application of theory in practice (case studies, assignments, papers) and the monthly Perspectives on Strategy journal.
  • Communicating the track record of demonstrative competence, through value delivered to clients
  • Emphasizing the client's unique point of view - as a teacher and practitioner – and add knowledge value to the larger strategy community.
  • Setting up a robust backend to identify, connect, listen, communicate and accurately measure the engagement with the target audience through various online channels.

The proof of the pudding...
The website - VNBHATTACHARYA.COM exemplifies design minimalism, lean architecture, information completeness and, importantly, a distinctiveness of voice.

Its's an online destination that serves a student of strategy as much as it enlightens a CEO on the need to grow his/her enterprise, profitably.


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