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March 2015

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The white paper.

All marketers agree it is a strategic content asset.

Yet, it gets short changed in the midst of SEO-driven fluff, even on reputable company websites. Does the lack of balance stem out of arrogance, or ignorance?

It is somewhat analogous to John Wanamaker's classic quote that 50% of all ad spend is wasted.

A well-crafted white paper (as part of a larger content marketing strategy) is a beautiful opportunity for a brand to establish an authoritative take on an industry-specific business challenge; and how the company's offering addresses the same. It works because of:
Thought leadership
The sales spiel in a white paper, unlike in other collaterals, is understated. The focus is more on providing a comprehensive understanding of the business challenge and the solution. The emphasis is on the knowledge value.

Pipeline view
The trend of the white paper downloads (tracked by a simple form eliciting minimal contact details) reveals the interest level of the target prospect group, over a period of time. More so if the product involves a complex and long drawn buying process.

Brand recognition & Higher search ranking
Googleís updates (Panda and Penguin) prioritize authentic content over SEO gimmicks. A good white paper is a port of call for industry practitioners and technology journalists to get expert views (like Gartnerís). This ensures higher exposure and viral impact.

How effectively are you leveraging your content assets? For better ideas, impact and reach, get in touch.

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