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April 2015

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Cult movies have it. So do literary classics. A gripping introductory episode that sets the tone for the rest of the story.

How does one create a similar scenario in content marketing?

Yes. With the anchor or lead content asset.

It is that curiosity inducing element that primes the audience for the gradual unveiling of the brand story.

Our ongoing content marketing campaign for FlippAR, an user-engagement mobile app, hit that sweet spot quite early. Augmented Reality (AR) technology (on which the app is built) has now reached its inflection point, thanks to the explosion in smart phone usage.
Campaign objective
The objective in the first phase was to position FlippAR as a tool for immersive brand experiences, the audience being brand managers and branding agencies. The anchor asset is the visually rich brochure featuring data points on the utility of AR for measurable user engagement and branding.

The successive phases of the campaign involve communicating the brand story to segmented user groups through case studies, white papers, webinars, infographics, Slideshare presentations and more.

Devil is in the distribution
Having great data-driven content is one thing. Reaching the target audience is quite another. It demands mastering the complicated ecosystem of platforms and channels - proprietary, open source, organic, social etc, all aimed at catching the 'thermal' of virality. But that's another story.

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