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August 2015

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Credits: Peter Steiner, New Yorker, 1993

How does a consulting firm (or an independent consultant) that has built a trove of experience, insights and wisdom communicate its value to the prospect audience without 'advertising'? More so, when all the advice and accomplishment is largely intangible, shrouded by confidentiality and trust.

It is a delicious irony. You know a lot. But have little to show. New business comes from relationships, networking and word-of-mouth. On top of it, the linear progression comes with its own star system and hierarchy.

But knowledge will, and should go where it commands the highest value.

With advanced content marketing methods, a firm can break out of its orbit by identifying and reaching
the right audiences at the right time and in the right measure. Content curation techniques that position a consulting firm's ability to grasp challenges, assemble facts, recognise patterns and offer solutions.

As many of our clients have discovered, it pays.

P.S: Are you finding it difficult to explain your consulting services? Get in touch for tips on how you can convert your experience into reader-friendly knowledge capsules.

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