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WHAT WE DO: Integrated online marketing. Email marketing. Marketing automation. Content inventory audit. Content curation. Content & Search optimisation (SEO). Web development. Suite expertise: Curata, Marketo, Adobe Mktg Cloud, Leadformix, Eloqua.

~ Does your audience comprehend your content? ~

As you sure your companyís corporate content is being understood by the target audience, the way you expect?

For all you know it may be going over the head, unless you consistently analyse the traffic and do course corrections.

Complexity is a familiar problem with many firmsí online content (website, blog, emailers, content assets et al.). Information that is in love with the firm's ego, rather than convey a grasp of
the target audienceís pain points. In the pursuit of SEO, simplicity of the message is compromised. And the marketing proposition, diluted.

Data-driven content strategy
Now, with real content taking the center-stage in online marketing, it is crucial to measure its effectiveness with a metrics framework that is aligned with your goals. Metrics that include reader attention, engaged time, interactivity pattern, propensity to return, heat map tracking and so on.

All content is only fluff if it does not engage the target audience and get them to act. It absolutely must drive the prospect down the funnel. Does yours?

If not, take corrective action and maximise your marketing investment through informed decisions. Get in touch.
Bystander Sights

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