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WHAT WE DO: Integrated online marketing. Email marketing. Marketing automation. Content inventory audit. Content curation. Content & Search optimisation (SEO). Web development. Suite expertise: Curata, Marketo, Adobe Mktg Cloud, Leadformix, Eloqua.

~ Content: The currency that cannot be demonetised ~

Intelligent content never loses value. In fact, it is a currency that appreciates exponentially with every view, share and forward.

Today’s hyper-connected ecosystem of online marketing offers sharp tactics for a company to powerfully put across its capabilities and accomplishments to precise target groups on its radar.

A sound content marketing strategy comprises creation of content assets (case studies, newsletters, blogs, point of view articles, videos, etc.), its dissemination and response analytics. And the necessary course corrections.

Each stage has its unique and intricate aspects, and when executed correctly, there will be an immediate uptick in your brand visibility and consequent impact on the sales pipeline.

Repurposing existing content
Insightful content, like wine, grows in value with time. Deploying existing content on relevant channels (web, social and email) with a fresh perspective leads to new trajectories of spread, drawing new audiences, multiplying reach and creating a positive business impact.

If your existing marketing efforts aren't delivering results or are sub-optimal, get in touch. We can help you connect with new readers, prospects and leads, in your chosen domain. My earlier post on RoI from content marketing may be useful.

Consulto wishes you a bumper new year. Enjoy!
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