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February 2016

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~ On getting the right 'tone' in your message ~

Innovative. Brand conscious. Dependable. Results-oriented. Cost-effective. Some of the associations that any consulting firm would like to perceived as.

As feel-good as it may sound, conveying those adjectives in a marketing message without saying as much and within the firmís personality parameters is a challenge.

Consulting related content isnít exactly exciting. It ranges from downright boring to somewhat readable to the intensely academic. Given the characteristic reticence of consulting firms, getting a marketing message across in an affable manner and triggering an emotive response is quite an art.

The evolving consulting landscape coupled with the digital revolution presents a fortuitous opportunity for consulting firms. An opportunity to carve out and own a knowledge domain, stamp their competence with a unique point of view and go after the right target audience. Measurably.

A tone that underlines knowledge specialization, character and competitive strength.

Is your marketing material in sync with your personality? Find out..


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