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January 2016

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~ ~ Travails of the shy consulting firm ~ ~

Letís face it. For all the sexy work a consulting firm does, at the end of the day it has little to show given its client-specific and largely intangible nature.

Consequently, all the accomplishment, without a conscious branding effort, remains confined to its unique network. Thatís sad, considering that there are proven online techniques to help amplify oneís sphere of influence.

One method is to initiate and engage in a conversation with the extended constituency through periodic updates comprising content assets like white papers, case studies, best practices and such. Things that underline a firmís thought leadership in the chosen niche.

While the firmís expertise may certainly deserve to be disseminated, to do it elegantly without an overtly promotional slant needs subtlety and finesse.

Apart from building credibility, the exercise provides a window to prospective customers on the firmís ability to grasp a problem, assemble facts and match appropriate solutions. Readers can relate their situation with the firmís perspectives on the completed assignments.

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