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~ There's no business like show business ~

One gimmicky regional actor works in a film and the whole media goes berserk; walking straight into the trap of a self-perpetuating myth of invincibility et al.

If that wasn't enough, some hacks even chose to draw brand lessons from the circus. With the producer playing the right cards, the film got bountiful exposure riding on the same gravy train. Finally, the joke is on the audience.

But showbusiness is as much a cash flow business like any other. Can technology be far behind in the game? Two articles (Price a film star deserves & Predicting box office returns) reveal how algorithms are joining the fun.

Low-cost CRM tools to streamline workflow
Coming to our theatre of work. How effective is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in streamlining the workflow process of an organization? Yes, eminently. Few benefits:

  • Enables consolidation of customer-specific engagement information (documents, emails etc.) into a single and secure dashboard view.
  • Helps efficiently manage multiple projects at the same time and keep track of billable hours on each.
  • Gain granular visibility into the pipeline.

  • Enhance your business efficiency with CRM. Know how.
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