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June 2015

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Once upon a time, the urban advertising industry in India was largely a stranglehold of the South Bombay types.

Consequently, the creatives and their creators were often disconnected, insular and worse, clueless.

Till the citadel was stormed in the late 80s.

The Ecommerce juggernaut in India seems to be following a similar trajectory. Some of the recently funded company names stretch from the sublime to the ridiculous. Sample these – Roposo, Minio, Treebo, Genie, Cakart, Cupick etc. They neither convey the brand/service proposition nor conform to basic brand mnemonic parameters.

The point: The reach of a message lies in its rootedness to the native milieu.

One of our clients – Samatvam Academy, an organization development firm – chose to highlight videos of inspiring social entrepreneurship stories in their journal, Sattva. Businesses that are unglamorous, rooted, sustainable and that touch the society in fundamental ways.

Is your marketing message reaching where it is intended to? Find out.

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