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~ The balancing act in content marketing ~


The online content of any knowledge-driven enterprise conveys a lot about the intended, perceived and real personality. It is about the balance of ingredients in the content mix that sets the online tone and tenor one wishes to have.

Getting the right mix is crucial. The firm’s content should reflect its ethos with confidence.
Intelligence without the arrogance, thought leadership without the noise, salesmanship without the hustle, data-driven without being dry, and informality without the collegial lingo.

Being able to deliver this calls for wearing different hats at the same time. Copywriter, journalist, data analyst, UX expert and so on.

Sum of client experiences = Knowledge
A consulting firm is all about knowledge. Its differentiation hinges on how its online personality is presented and perceived. Case in point: Contrast the staid elegance of to the craggy and incongruent casualness of

Whatever the aspiration, balancing the knowledge elements and style is the key to connect with the preferred target audience.

Is your site content being perceived the way you want it to be? Find out.
Bystander Views

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Credits: Tech In Asia

* Peter Thiel’s Dropout Army
Credits: The NYT

* Some Companies Are Banning Email and Getting More Done
Credits: HBR

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