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March 2016

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~ The Correct Masala of Intent, Content & Technology ~

Creating persuasive content is one thing. Ensuring that it is consumed by the target audience and prompts them to perform the intended action, is quite another.

While a firm puts in intense effort to develop a content asset (case studies, white papers, use cases, research reports, podcasts, articles, et al), the same gusto is lacking when it comes to
promoting it vigorously. Not because it doesn’t want to.

Often, firms are out of sync with the rapidly evolving tools, techniques and technologies that enable a marketing message to be amplified dramatically online, with little incremental effort. The trick is in quickly grasping the technology elements and their value addition to the larger marketing objective. Each plays a unique role in seeding the message amidst the target audience's varied online platforms.

Importantly, the exercise opens up opportunities to extract actionable data points on the prospects’ journey through the funnel; the degree of engagement at each stage in the purchase path and the nurturing needed to convert them into paying customers. Isn’t that the whole point?
Is your marketing team familiar with the ample technological possibilities?


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