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~ Why Gulzar in a brand story? For that earthy authenticity ~


Sounds simple, but hard to communicate. Paper Boat does it successfully with refreshing honesty in their 3 minute videos - Malgudi Days-themed 'Memories' and anthem-based 'Hope'.

A recent event on digital marketing at KStart (Kalaari Capitalís incubator) featured among others, Neeraj Kakkar of Paper Boat drinks whose earthy talk was in stark contrast to the vacuous drivel we get to see and hear about in the drinks space. But how long can the mushy sentimentality hold on is a question.

The Story Peg
The gravitas an authentic story lends to a communication is known David Ogilvy vintage. Our ongoing campaign for V N Bhattacharyaís workshop on Insight, Intuition and Innovation relies on serialized storytelling to finely sliced, behavior-based target groups.

Each corporate anecdote intersects with one aspect of the workshop and its application. Relevant stories that answer real organizational concerns and prompt the target audience towards call-to-action.

Does your corporate content have a story seed? Find out.
Bystander Views

* The Real Lessons From Kodakís Decline.
Credits: MIT Sloan Management Review

* The art of an audit
Credits: Felice Persico, EY

* The consequences of todayís 'always available' work culture.
Credits: Harvard Business Review


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