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~ The Unbearable 'Intangibleness' of Return on Investment ~

Return on Investment.

It is a perennial predicament faced by every consulting firm when it proposes an intervention to a prospective client. The recommendation may relate to any aspect of the organization.
Ultimately, the intent and efforts are geared towards increasing revenues or reducing costs or enable specific learnings. While the spreadsheet approach does make the case stronger, not all expected outcomes can be conveyed through hard metrics.

Articulating RoI
Given the nature of the consulting beast, there is little choice but to come as close as possible to the prospect client’s expectation of RoI. It is here that a bank of intelligent content assets (case studies, newsletters, blogs, articles, anecdotes etc.) plays a decisive and representative role.

The content asset, while explaining the firm’s approach in resolving a certain problem, should also connect investment with measurable benefits. Depending on who the decision maker or influencer is (CEO, Business Unit Head or HR Head...), you can package the relevant content assets and set the stage for a meaningful conversation.

Widening your reach
Content assets help in evangelising a firm's expertise through sustained ‘drip’ messaging. By combining content, digital channels and good old intuition, you can ensure your expertise travels fast to the relevant niches of your constituency.

How extensive is your content bank? How effectively are you promoting it and tracking audience interest in your company?

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