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September 2015

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You would've seen this picture somewhere or the other. On cars, T-shirts, mugs, stickers, posters, tatoos and more. It is said to be the most reproduced photograph in history.

Most of those who flaunt it probably have no connect with Che or his ideals or the photographer - Alberto Korda (the adjacent one is a stylised image by Jim Fitzpatrick, an Irish artist).

But what they definitely connect to, are the nuances in the image. It could be anything. Rebellion. Courage. Steely resoluteness. Melancholy. Stoicism. Defiance. Virility and much more.

It is intriguing how one picture has transcended diverse cultures, geographies and class differences, and evolve into an alpha-numeric symbol. The power of an arresting image!

Though much of the work we do for clients is content-intensive, we expend substantial time and energy to identify that one picture to add a solid visual wallop to the marketing story.

That perhaps explains why our marketing collaterals get impressive downloads.

P.S: Is your online marketing hitting the right emotional buttons? Get in touch for an audit.

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