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"Nani Agro has been with us for over a decade now, and we see them on the forefront of spice packaging in the country..."

Rahul Shah
Shako Flexipack Pvt. Ltd.
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We feel a structured interaction will help in keeping you informed of the various little things that happen in our company. Information about new varieties and products that'll help us take better decisions. Hence this newsletter.

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Nani Agro Foods
What makes us the Leader
How are we Different?
For three things - Geography, Harvesting & Processing.

We combine them to deliver a great Spice experience. More.
The Art & Science of Nani Agro's packaging
p11 We at Nani Agro treat packaging with as much importance as the spice inside. Because, in today's competitive market, compromise is the last thing a customer wants. And that is no lofty statement.

To enable precise end - customer satisfaction, we create a packaging infrastructure and integrate it with your supply chain. This facilitates customised SKU sizes, packaging formats, unique designs, labeling and bar coding; all at low cost and high quality. More.
Herbs - Pure & Fresh
Nani Agro takes great pride in bringing the richness of India's herb heritage to our kitchens - in easily affordable packs.

From Aswagandha to Jal Brahmi to Jal Brahmi we have it all. Never compromising on quality or origin purity has been our tradition, since four decades.

The Miracle Spice

We understand Turmeric in the complete sense.

Being located in the heart of India's spice belt, we have access to the highest grade of turmeric from the markets. Our long lasting relationships with vendors help us to source and deliver the widest variety of turmeric to you.
Spices - Whole & Powdered

Our unique strength is in our extensive range of spices, and more importantly, knowledge of how and why spices are important in Indian cuisine.

We specialize in spice blends and herbs that add an extra zing to our cuisines, across regions and preferences. Even the names are mouth-watering!
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