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Feb 13
What our Patrons say...

"Dear Haribhai, Abhishek & Aditya,

It was very nice to see a nice impressive facility, very clean, with good machinery and following good BRC practices.

Dear [NAME],
Warm greetings from Nani Agro Foods.


It is one gesture that is truly priceless. When TESCO recognises us as the 'Best Own Label Supplier of the Year', the gesture goes beyond the excellence of our products. It means Respect.

In this issue, we have dwelt on our 'Think Green' initiative and activities around it.
Hari Poddar
Nani Agro Foods
What makes us the Leader
Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

We thank you all for participating. Write to us for a colorful snapshot of the event.
"Think Green": Nani's vision for a Greener India & a Greener Globe

p11 'Think Green' reiterates Nani Agro Food's passion to endorse eco-friendly initiatives across its corporate ecosystem. From planting more trees to recycling resources to leveraging solar power, our commitment to the environment speaks in all our activities.

Our 'Plant a Sapling' program was a tremendous success (adjoining pictures) with colleagues, customers and well-wishers pitching in. As the sapling grows into a tree, we also look forward to our relationships growing as strong and mature.

Untouched by human hands. Life at our 4,50,000 sq ft Manufacturing facility

p11 Nani conforms to global manufacturing standards. High-end cleaning machines from Buhler, fumigation chamber, digitally controlled drum type roasters, Sensory Evaluation Panel, Multiple quality checks and integrated packaging.

We have intensive belief in Research & Development. Our labs continuously strive to enhance spice blends to appeal to changing tastes and trends. Read more.

Visit our facility once. Soak in the fresh air, pure water and rich soil that make our products unique.
News from the Spice World

State of Turmeric Market

* Turmeric spot prices have moved up in the current fortnight
* Anticipation of lesser production in the current crop year, but will near ave. annual production of 3.5 lakh tonnes
* Grower's association demands Rs. 150 MSP
* Price range for next fortnight at Erode: Rs. 55 (finger), Rs. 54- 58 (bulbs)


Origins of Spice Trade
in India

In centuries past, pepper was worth its weight in gold and wars were fought over access to spices. Men were once willing to risk their lives going to the ends of the earth in search of them.

Quite unbelievable, considering the ease with which we can spices today.
5 New Uses for Old Spices

Many spices have been prized for generations for their purported health benefits.

Chilies, for example, are said to have anti-inflammatory properties, and the plant extract can often be seen as an ingredient in natural body balms and creams.
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