February 2014,   #19

StrApp's online strategy for Nani Agro Foods

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As a boutique web solutions company, we work with clients whose requirements are as challenging as the industries they operate in. Consequently, we have built a diverse repertoire of work over the years.

One such assignment was for Nani Agro Foods, an Erode, Tamilnadu based multi-specialty spice trading house with business partners all over the world.

Though operating in a traditional sector, the client boasted of advanced manufacturing facilities, green compliance and an innovative pursuit of excellence. Its stakeholders comprised large retail chains at one end and the farming/supplier community at the other end, and other well wishers.

The Need: StrApp stepped into the picture when Nani Agro Foods wanted a superlative digital presence that communicated its standing among its extended constituency.

The challenge was to communicate effectively to both these diverse communities whose social, economic and education profiles were as different as chalk and cheese.

This case study explains how StrApp cracked the code and created an impact that few of its contemporaries can match.

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