Feb 2013
Issue 07

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Dear [NAME],

The unpredictable part of running a business is the variety of customers and industries we get to interact with. The core objective, however, remains the same - how to effectively communicate online?

Team StrApp

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Highlight: What is common to the Web avatars of a Disc Jockey, a Media Entity & a Digital Mktg. Boutique?
Gyan: Extract and Compress Zipped Files on your iPhone
What StrApp is upto? Recognition - Dipu is Employee of the Month, Learning - Standardisation, Careers - Sales Whizkids , Unwinding - Story with clippings

Is Your Business StrApp enabled?

StrApp brings Speed to your business. The absolute need to be Proactive is no longer an option.

Talking about Speed, here is a case study on how we enabled online ticket sales for a Formula 1 circuit.


What is common to the Web avatars of a Disc Jockey, Media Entity & Digital Marketing Boutique?


While our newly acquired clients are as different from chalk and cheese in their objectives and orientation (Awake Media, a new age media firm & Media Bug, an avante garde agency), what is common, however, is the need to be contemporary. Absolutely contemporary.

Which is why StrApp gets invited to the high table when a business needs a Web rejuvenation. Because, irrespective of the target audience, objective or message, what we deliver is a language and aesthetic that appeals to Gen Y. And therein lies our competitive advantage.


Gyan: Extract and Compress Zipped Files on your iPhone, With iZip

iPhone users, rejoice. You were surprised that there is no default way of opening compressed files on your iDevice. Now, wth the FREE iZip for iOS devices, users can open compressed files on their devices and smartphones. More


What StrApp is upto


@ StrApp

Dipu is the 'Employee of the Month' for February. Dipu hits the bull's eye this time for outstanding customer service in face of difficult odds. His dedication is praiseworthy.


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Standardisation is the key to non-linear growth. At StrApp, we have introduced checklists at every department for efficiency, predictability & cost benefits.


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Calling Sales Whizkids. An experience of 2 - 4 years in Internet & Mobile will help. What will not help is conventional thinking. You need to think big, and out of the box. Get in touch


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Can you script a story with newspaper clippings? Yes, our folks did. Four teams were formed and each given a word to weave a story. The other teams had to guess the word. It was tough, yet thrilling.

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