Jan 2014
Issue 18

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Dear Friend,

You know the latest shiny new thing in StrApp's competency treasure chest? It is Augmented Reality.

We go where technology takes us. If it finds a deep resonance with customer need and expectation, even better.

In this issue of StrAppetizer, we look a few of our initiatives in this high-tech area. Enjoy!

Team StrApp


In this issue

Launched!!! StrApp's Augmented Reality app on Apple store

Launched: 'StrApp Multitab Product View' on Magento store

StrApp's experiment on Web Augmented Reality
Happenings @ StrApp: How brands are leveraging AR; AR: Better Than the Real Thing; Using AR in Education; Like us on Facebook

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Launched!!! StrApp's Augmented Reality app on Apple store

Continuing our successful foray into the highly competitive world of iPhone and iPad apps, we have launched the 'ViewAR'

ViewAR is is an augmented reality application, developed with the furniture stores in mind- wherein users can download the app and visualize how a piece of furniture would look like in their rooms.

ViewAR allows every business - irrespective of product range - for customers to visualise. It can be art frames, light fittings, wall papers - basically anything for users to choose, place & visualize in real time.

Evaluate it now!.


Launched: 'StrApp Multitab Product View' on Magento store

Magento, thus far wasn't displaying information on tabs by default, in the product description page. For instance, a smart phone neatly shows information about the features, battery, OS, processor, maintenance etc.

With the 'StrApp Multitab Product View' extension you can very easily have any number of tabs for your product, enabling a good user experience. Check it here.

The extension has earned deservingly good reviews too.


StrApp's experiment on Web Augmented Reality

Presently functional on Google Chrome, this experiment address the issue of touch-and-feel when buying online.

It is the crucial final step in the purchase cycle and extremely useful for the burgeoning community of online buyers who would want to get that final validation before buying the product.

Check it now!


Happenings @ StrApp


How brands are leveraging AR

Augmented Reality might have sounded like plastic surgery a few years ago. Now, publishers use AR to make reading a magazine or paper immerse people in its content. More.


AR: Better Than the Real Thing

The confluence of the actual and virtual worlds should have offered a route to riches. But the commercial potential of this technology is very far from being realized. More.


Using AR in Education

AR is not limited to just Hollywood. There are a bunch of ways people are using augmented reality in education. Here are a handful of interesting AR use cases that you should check. More.


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