February 2013

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Greetings from ABLE.

We are a little more than a week away from ABLE's tenth anniversary celebration (March 11th & 12th, 2013) at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

The last few weeks have been exhilarating in the run up to the event. The most important personalities of the Biotechnology industry will be there and we are all looking forward to it. We look forward to your participation too. The details are below.




ABLE 10th Anniversary Update: Register now, if you still haven't.

We are excited, as the clock ticks towards our much awaited Tenth Anniversary Celebration. Here's a quick update.

* Launch of the book 'History of Biotechnology in India'. A 100 page compendium on the shaping of the Indian Biotechnology industry and the stalwarts behind it.

* Announcement of ABLE Awards. The jury is hard at work to find the top guns in the various categories.

* BioInvest 2013. The landmark event that brings together investors and Biotech entrepreneurs is on March 12. In addition to Steve Burrill, Mr. Vaghul (Former Chairman ICICI) has also agreed to be the Keynote Speaker. Chaired by eminent biotech industry leaders and veteran policy makers, four panels will discuss the way forward to transform India into a BIOECONOMY.

Click here for the detailed agenda. For any clarifications, please get in touch.

Conference on 'Genomics for Crop Improvement'

ABLE and DBT jointly conducted a three - day to enable researchers approach this field of science, to discover a gene or acquire knowledge that could change the type of product delivered to the market.

The event was attended by distinguished scientists, researchers, public policy makers, key government functionaries, students, educationists from across the country and abroad who came together to discuss and decide the roadmap for crop improvements through the usage of genomics.

Read the report.


Indian bio-pharma industry divided on US FDA draft guidance on Therapeutic Protein Products

While a section of the industry is upbeat and viewed the guidelines as a set of systematic norms which would in every way keep poor quality companies at bay, the Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE) Biosimilars Committee has called for better clarity and understanding on the interpretation of norms with regard to biosimilars.

Stem Cells Industry: The Battle Within

Now, contrast this liberally-delivered, unregulated treatment with what Stempeutics Research in Bangalore is trying to do. For seven years, the startup, promoted by the Manipal Group and led by chief executive BN Manohar, has been at the bench studying stem cells in its labs in India and Malaysia.

Precision testing: Why Strand Life Sciences wants doctors to genetically profile patients

The fact is that there are certain genetic mutations, highly prevalent in the Indian sub continent, that increase the risk of chronic heart failures in individuals. But what if there was a genetic test that people in the region could take to prevent such catastrophe.


Antibiotics search to focus on sea bed

A team, led by scientists at Aberdeen University, is hunting for undiscovered chemicals among life that has evolved in deep sea trenches.

The team hoped to find "the next generation" of infection-fighting drugs from ocean trenches - deep, narrow valleys in the sea floor which can plunge down to almost 6.8 miles (11km).

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