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The theme of this edition of SATTVA is "Happiness", which finds a reflection in both the Interview as well as the Research Study.

The interview conversation with Mr. Kanwal Jeet Jawa, Managing Director of Daikin India, offers a rare insight into how success and happiness can not only be enabled to co-exist, but also work in tandem with each other. Mr. Jawa's quest to build a "happy" company that is also fast progressing towards a position of market leadership offers valuable lessons in organization building.

The research study by Ms. Aarti Maheshwari complements this quest by examining how the ancient science of Yoga can help individuals maintain physical health and mental well-being, so as to create harmonious and happy communities.

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Mr. Kanwal Jeet Jawa, Managing Director, Daikin India
"... I place immense value on relationships. One cannot do business in India if one does not have a healthy respect for relationships. After all, 'people' do business with 'people'. "

Mr. Jawa's answers span the spectrum of a successful corporate life - execution, relationships, short and long term vision and work cultures. More.

Research Study
The Foundations of Yogic Practice
By Ms. Aarti Maheshwari
"Yoga is the perfect technology to help resolve the incessant conflict of inner contradictions, resulting in the psychological stress and strain that is so evidently and painfully visible in modern society."

The learned author analyses Yoga as a science how its practice leads to health, harmony and happiness in life, without external dependence. More.

Call for Contributions

Effective July 2013, SATTVA has metamorphosed into a monthly, practitioner-oriented journal that promotes a scholarly as well as practical understanding of the phenomena of Excellence, Synergy and Transformation in organizations.

Accordingly, we are pleased to invite organisational leaders, managers, authors, researchers and practitioners of all hues and kinds to submit high quality research and case study contributions in both the print as well as the audio-visual media for publication in the forthcoming issues of SATTVA.

These may kindly be directed to Dr. Sunil Maheshwari - the journals Editor  at sunil@samatvam.co.in

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