Knowledgeworkz Consulting is a layer in the interdependent Internet economy. We enable simpler contexts for knowledge creation and sharing, by moulding data into information, and eventually into knowledge.

Our strategy deploys a judicious mix of intelligent tools and human judgement to deliver personalised knowledge modules to sharply defined communities. By making a smart trade-off between richness and reach, Knowledgeworkz has helped Knowledge Workers to maximise Internet's value in minimal time.

Our competence takes the following forms:


These are email-based newsletters to initiate, develop and solidify relationships with stakeholders. Suitable for industry categories that thrive on non-physical, information-driven differentiators, these ezines respect users' intelligence, and strive to equip them with knowledge pertaining to the product or service they have bought. Firstly, an intelligent newsletter emphasises your Thought Leadership in your business domain; secondly it conveys an interest in the customer that goes beyond a business transaction.

Why a Newsletter?          Sample Newsletters
An email-based newsletter is the ultimate "push" communication tool. If handled with complete understanding of the Internet medium, it offers benefits no other communications vehicle can. It's the most cost-effective method of disseminating and sharing timely, knowledge-based and productive information to customers, prospects and people in your extended constituency.

The following points may give you a clearer idea:

A newsletter boosts brand awareness and positive brand perceptions.

It offers a branded, consistent, and high quality set of information, judgement, insight and analysis.

Helps cultivate, not just capture customers. Presents an opportunity to know the customer better, to educate and inform her.

Increases the value of your customer base by establishing a learning relationship with each customer. Enhances your competitive advantage.

Enables greater intimacy with end users, and helps target marketing messages more effectively.

Promotes repeat purchases among a core of profitable customers, and initiates a spiral of economic advantages.

Drastically reduces the often wasted efforts to capture consumer attention.

Knowledgeworkz excels at merging knowledge and marketing messages, seamlessly. To know how we can extend our expertise to positively impact your company's bottomline, get in touch.

Knowledgeworkz Consulting undertakes customising and integration of KM tools. Our proven processes in scanning and identifying patterns in the big information picture helps in shortening the execution cycle and time-to-go live.

As it happens in any big corporation, information is largely unstructured and spread across millions of documents in file folders, databases, websites, emails and of course, physical -aper. Knowledgeworkz first understands the information structure of the client corporation and suitably customizes it to integrate smoothly with the Knowledge Management software.

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